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Tech Lending Service

what library patrons say 

Doing Homework

Teacher whose students participated in the InfoSeekers Program

"Not only did these students hand in fabulous reports, but they were students who really took the initiative to do well and truly appreciated the help. You offer a terrific service and I do hope that more students can benefit from this in the future!"

2014-04-08 SMPL Slideshow-78.jpg

Student, Horrall Elementary School & Participant in InfoSeekers Program

"Thank you so much for helping us with all of the research that we need to do for the reports we had this year. We needed to learn about Explorers, Famous Americans, States, and the Environment. Thanks for helping us get good grades on them. We hope that this letter will thank you all the times we were there with you all."

2014-04-08 SMPL Slideshow-20.jpg

Library patron attending Job Seeker Event

"This is a big help. They’ve closed the EDD offices, so this is the only resource. One good thing is they have people who speak Spanish. The volunteers are eager to make it easy for us. This library is the top of the line for computers in the U.S."

Books and Magazines
Bea M.

Stay at home mom

"As a parent, the greatest gift I can give my kids is the joy of reading. The library provides a safe place where my kids can explore, engage and learn. My three boys love coming to the library!"

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