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  2023-24 DONOR FAMILY 

Our heartfelt gratitude to our 2023-24 Donor Family!

Esperanza Abacan

Joy Addison

Russ Allbery

Thomas Ames*

Anonymous (3)


Vidur Apparao

Claudia and Dennis Argyres

Valerie J. Armento

Ricardo Avila

Jeanne and Greg Back*

Alexis Baird

Carolyn and Phillip Banda

Susan and Gordon Bardet

Ramona and Luis Barrantes

Claire Barry

Nicole and Nathan Barsetti*

Merrie and Steven Bass

Eileen and Ralph Battat

Margaret Becker

Mary Ellen and Tom Benninger

Barbara and August Benz

Charles Berg

Peggy Berlese and David Goss*

Harriete Berman

Medea and Bruce Bern

Sandra Bernhard and Frank Peale

Betty I. Bernstein

Maria Amparo Bertram

Mary L. Bianco*

Mary Bona*

Gale and Peter Borden

Julie Borden

Larry Bowen

Stephanie Boyer

Andrew Boyko+

Ida G Braun

Jan Busa

Laura and Brent Breckenridge

Marilee Brooks

Gloria Brown*

Tish and Jim Busselle*

Dorothy and Michael Callan

Susie Campbell and John Sheputis*

Sheila Canzian

Anne Larsen Carella and Paul Carella*

Michelle Carothers

Catherine Carroll

Pamela and Bill Casey

Karen and Timothy Catlin

Helen Charette

Connie Chen

Stephen Chen

Teresa Chen

Yieling Chen

Winsie Cheng

Nancy Chien+

Mary Lou Ciranni

Gina Claudio-Chu and Paul Chu

Heather Cleary

Carol and Michael Cohen

Susan Cohn*

Rebecca Coker

Edna and Edwin Colloff

Odie B. Cook

Linda and Daniel Cooperman*

Kachina and Giancarlo Corti

Nancy and David Crabbe*

Ruthmary and John Cradler*

Diane Cronin*

Marylou Cronin and Christopher Brousseau

Rachel and Marc Cyr

Yuvraj Datta

Susan Day

Gail and Dominick DeBellis

James and Linda DeMartini

Laura Demsetz and Bernard Adelstein

Lynne Dempsey

Mika Derynck*

Jennifer and Brian Desler

Lisa Diaz Nash and Michael Nash*

Mark Dickson

Donna Divodi

Eleanore Chen Dogan and Andrew Ryan*

Marlene and Peter Douglas

Joan and Jim Dox*

Mary Lou Dragonryder

Alison and John Draper*

Laura Draxler

Edward Ebert+

Adam Elboim

Lisa Elliott

Michele and Andrew Epstein

Diane Ervin and Bjorn Ervell*

Lynne Esselstein and Jon Joseph*

Martha and Michael Everett

Kevin Fan+

Candy and Michael Farbstein

Edward Fei*+

Leslee Ann and Wayne Feinstein

Nicole Fernandez

Jessup Ferris+

Pamela Ferris

Dena and Paul Fisher

Gayle Flanagan*

Susan and David Folkman

Bryan Follis*+

Mary and Sam Folsom

Jill Fukui

Sharlene Fulgencio*+

Rachelle and Alberto Fung*

Ralph Garcia Jr

Mary Gerritsen and Thomas Parks

Mahshid Ghaffari

Dildar Gill Pisani and Robert Pisani

Alexandra Gillen and Hartmut Koeppen*+

Fran Gillen

Ann and Daniel Girard*

Shair Golan and Lee Strobe

Shelley and Doug Goldberg

Joanne and Jon Goldstein

Judith and Jay Gordon

Patricia L. Griffin

Evelyn and Carl Grossman

Claire Haldan

Susan Hamlin

Kaarin and Alexander Hardy*

Ann and William Hefter

Beatriz Hennessy

Carol and Doug Henton

Karen and George Herrel

Doriane and Walter Heyman

Lois Hirsch and Dan Harris

Melanie and Kurt Hoefer*

Deborah Hoffman

Douglas R Hollander

Pat and Bruce Hraba

Eu-Phang and Chih Hsu

Teresa Hsu

Elizabeth and Zach Hulsey*

Randi and James Hutchinson

Michael Hwa

Laura Ing

Nancy Jalonen

Sandy and Chris Jensen*

Marty Jordan

Judith and Michael Herrero

Patricia Kan

Gay and Harvey Kaplan

Susan and Barry Karl*

Janet and Richard Karp

Louise Karr

Todd Steven Keithley

Nicole Tempest and Robert Keller

Susan Ketcham and Ann Casscells*

Patricia King

Katherine Kinner and Matthew Feuer

Jean G. Kohn

Barbara and Ron Lambert

Carol and Troy Lambson

Lisa Lane

Molly and Jeffrey Lane

Nancy and Andrew Lanthier*

Karen Lautsch

Charmaine and Stewart Leber

Lucy and Clayton Lee

Monika and Kenyon Lee

Suelin Lee*

Sue Lempert*

Louise and Robert Levi

Catherine and Byron Levy

Leslie and Robert Levy

Huaixi Li

Guo Liang

Terris Linenbach

Amy and Michael Liou*

Laurie Livingston

Cynthia and Edmund Lo

Susan Loftus*

Valerie L. London*

Robinna Lorenz

Jeffrey and Christine Lowenstein

Sharon MacAuley

Corinne and Larry Marcus

Margaret and Alexei Maradudin

Rose and William Mark*

Martha and Gregory Dannis

Gene and Jean Matsuura

Joy and Rick Mayerson

Wendy McCall

Karen McCormick

Nancy McDonald-Glenn and Terrence Glenn

Amy and Robert McHugh

Martha D McKenna

Meg and Stuart McLaughlin*

Peggy S. Mendelson

Wallace D. Mersereau*

Frederick Middleton*

Neal Miura

Julie Montanari and David Pearson

Andrea R Moore

James Moore

Martha and Phillip Moore

Kelly Moran and Mark Eliot*

Miriam and Richard Morgan

Lorita and Eric Morgenthaler

Mimi and Sascha Mornell*

James M. Morris

Stephanie and Michael Moy*

Donald and Lillian Munakata

Bea and Gerald Murphy

Gertrude Musey

Yuriy Naidyon

​Lynn Nakamura and Jared Lee+

Margaret R. Nalbach

Berenice Navarrete and Evangelos Hytopoulos*

Sonya Chang and Erik Neuenschwander*

Robert Newsom

Kyle Niedzwiecki

Wendy and Craig Nishizaki

Susan Nitzberg

Martha and PJ Nora*

Laureen O'Brien

Kayla Ogden

Lindsay and Art Okamoto

Patrice Olds

Oliver's Giving Fund

Susan and Roger Oser

Doris Ososke

Janice Ososke and Michael Chadd

K G and Neal Ouye

Marsha and Richard Oxsen

Walkyria Paes de Almeida

Laura and Sunil Pandya

Persian American Society

Linda and Wesley Petit

Sarah Phelps

Mary and David Phillips*

Beth Phoenix

Shari L Phoenix

Cassandra Prudhel

Jill and Tom Pulley*

Silvana and Pablo Quintanilla

Leslie Marden Ragsdale and Mark Ragsdale

Ann Rarden*

Maria and Jacob Ratinoff

Nora and Peter Ratto

Cathie and Richard Reisman

Marci and James Riley

Sandra and Pat Roberts

Renette Robillard

Helena Robinson

Wayne Rodoni

Andrea and John Rosenman

Sharon Safrin and Daniel Polite

Ellen and Gerald Saliman

San Francisco Foot & Ankle Group*

Mark E. Schack

Dan and Zoe Scheinman

Heidi and Steve Schell

Julie Schmittdiel and Jason Ku+

Nancy Schneider and Rick Wysong*

David Schoenbrun and Helen Dolan

Karen and Kim Schoknecht

Jill Schulte

Frances and Douglas Schulz

Kathryn and Bhavender Sharma

Rajnarayanan Seenu

Mary Jo Segal

John and Reva Segall

Karen and Steve Sell

Constance M. Sevier*

Debbie Shea

Louisa and Tom Shields+

Anne Hicks Siberell

Lorna Siepser and Steven Klebe

Jacquelyn and Vincent Siminitus

Suzanne Simms*

Richard and Jane Simon

Phillip Andre and Leonida Simone

Erin and Michael Sinclair+

Gail Sinquefield*

Madeline Smith and Chris Blom+

Yash Snider

Gayle and Bruce Snyder

Virginia Soletti

Anne and Peter Sortwell

Patricia and Robert Sparacino

Steven A. Spencer

Carol Spillman

Jackie Stahl and Thomas Blake

Chris and Erin Stallings

Judy Starling

Vicky Stein and David Brownman

Patricia Steinhardt and Howard Krieger*

Cynthia and Philip Strause

Elizabeth and Todd Struble

Petie and Thomas Stucker*

Lisa and Ronald Sturzenegger

Susan and Frank Fan

Nina Taliaferro and Frank Kukula

Jane Tan and Kenneth Schwartz

Maxine Terner

Caroline and Curt Terwilliger

The Flaherty Foundation*

Puong Thai*

Aleta Thielmeyer

Sheila and George Tichy

Eric Tilenius

June and Jim Tilton

Eudora and Jimmy Ting*

Michael Titsworth

Linda and James Tolosano

Curtis P. Tom

Barbara and Gary Toy

Lillyan Tremaroli

BeBe and Roger Trinkner

Ryan Tsai

Tina Tsue

Julie-Anne and Joseph Venosa

Joseph Anthony Villanueva

Austin Volz

Celene and Glenn Voyles*

Vy Ton and Douglas Rotenberg

Marcia Wachna

Kimberly Wadyicki*

Amanda Wallis and Michael Drinnan

Eugenia and Paul Watermulder

Sandra Weins

Diane Whitaker

June White

Kathryn J. Whitman

Judy and Donald Williams

Gale and Rick Winningham

Judith Winkelstein

Ruth Wisnom

Eleanor and Ira Wong*

Jeanne Wu

Xiaotian Wu

Marcella and Kimberly Yano

Elaine and Daryl Yee

James Yeh

Ma Yifei

Doug Young

Sheila Brutoco Young

Chelsea Yuen

Sherry Zacharia

Virginia Mary Zapitz

Rada Zarandian and Mehdi Mohtashemi+

Fatemeh Zarghami

Maple Zhang and Neal Bennett

Your support is greatly appreciated.

* Leadership Circle level donation of $1,000 or more.

+ Utilized employer's matching gift program.

2023-24 Corporate Matching Partners

We extend our sincere appreciation to the corporations that generously support us via their matching gift donation programs. 


Your commitment to doubling the impact of your employees's contributions has significantly bolstered our mission, and we are grateful for your partnership.

  • Apple Inc.

  • Edward Jones

  • Genentech

  • Google

  • Intel Foundation

  • Intuitive Foundation

  • LinkedIn

  • Pacific Electric and Gas Company

  • Take Two Software

  • VISA Inc.

  • Workday

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these listings, however if an error has been made, please contact:

Sarah Meier-Heredia
Development Officer

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