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Welcome Leadership Council of San Mateo County

The Foundation is pleased to participate in the upcoming launch event for the Leadership Council of San Mateo County, featuring best-selling author Tom Rath. Join us on Friday, February 26th @ 11am for a conversation with Tom and moderator, NBC Bay Area News anchor Raj Mathai, as they discuss Rath's latest book "Life's Great Question" and how to make your work and life more meaningful. Proceeds from the event will benefit San Mateo County's COVID relief fund, San Mateo Strong.

Co-founded by former SMPLF Board of Directors President, Margi Power, and community leader, Kaarin Hardy, Leadership Council of San Mateo County will provide leadership training and educational programs for San Mateo County residents seeking to contribute to their community.

You can check out many of Tom Rath's books at the Library. Click here to go to the online catalogue and place a hold.

To register, download the flyer and click through the live "Register Now" link.

Tom Rath Invitation v2 (with links)
Download PDF • 4.01MB

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